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Please help or pass along to those who may be interested . . .

Urgent Need requesting support:  Please sign up with our new website:  Further description of our evangelism efforts in India can be found at  Once there,  please sign up and membership is manually approved.  Once approved, you can visit our Benevolence page for the urgent request.  Thank you.

In Him,

Marc Morris

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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Website, report and Current and Future Financial Needs

With the holiday season currently upon us, I wanted to reach out one final time in this blog to announce a website that we have created to help spread awareness of the Gospel work in southern India.  We hope that this website will be used as a resource for information about the current and future efforts.  The site is

Also, our trip report is being finalized and will be distributed to those churches and individuals who financially supported our efforts.  If you would like a copy or know someone who would be interested, please let us know!  We are making plans for our 2013 trip and are beginning the process of raising the needed funds for that effort.


Marc Morris

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Today will be my final report on the trip itself.  I will post some observations from time to time as I think of them.

Dad Humphries and I both returned home on Wednesday afternoon.  We had a long, but relatively comfortable, flight home from India.  We had one leg from Hyderabad to Mumbai (Bombay) which lasted about an hour.  Then, we went through customs in Mumbai to prepare to board the long flight home.  We had upgraded our seats to “economy plus” in order to get 5 precious inches of leg room in hopes it would help with the discomfort of the trip to India.  It did.  I still had a lot of back pain from the uncomfortable seats in economy, but with the additional legroom – I was able to move around which helped.  For a 16.5-hour flight, business class is going to be the only comfortable way to fly.  It, however, is much more expensive.

We both flew into Newark, New Jersey and then split up for the last legs home.  I was able to get a ticket on an earlier flight and arrived in Tampa about noon.  Dad Humphries had to fly to Louisville.   (It was too expensive to change his tickets after his move to Montgomery in August.)  He, then, had to fly to Atlanta and finally on to Montgomery, Alabama.  He got in about a half hour after me.  We are both still adjusting to the jet lag.  Realistically, it takes about three days to switch your nights and days back around.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the family – even Jonathan, our son in CA who is a Marine, got to come for a few days.  We are having just our kids over today, Friday, for our family Christmas celebration since Jonathan will be deployed in the Pacific arena next month.

I will be writing more in a few days concerning each of these needs with more specific information.  I cannot thank you enough for the support and prayers you have offered regarding this trip to India.


Marc Morris

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Wednesday – November 21, 2012

A short note that Dad Humphries and I arrived in Newark, New Jersey shortly before 5 a.m. today.  Lord willing, both he and I will be with our families by this afternoon!

Thank you for your interest and prayers during this past month.  After a few days of adjusting to an 11.5 hour time change and enjoying family at Thanksgiving, I do plan to post another blog.

When I stepped on the first plane in Hyderabad two days ago, the baptism count stood at 136.  While we celebrate our new brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to emphasize that the main focus of our trip was to build up the brethren in India through Bible classes, group discussions, many one-on-one conversations, prayer and encouragement.  I’ll have more to say on this, but the work in India continues with faithful and competent men of faith.


Marc Morris

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Monday, November 19th

“Fun” with the wheelchair. OK – we had to pop one wheelie!

This morning I awoke and waited for brother Deenadayal to come for me.  After breakfast, we went down to the Surgical Supply Company and purchased a wheelchair for Indrakala.  We selected one that had options in case her condition worsens, and she needs support for her head, legs, etc.  Then, we drove down to Bhootpoor, where Indrakala lives, and found a group had gathered to hear preaching.  I spoke on Matthew 25 about the parable of the talents and the judgment scene recorded there.  I then showed the group what Indrakala had paid me for preaching to her the last time (a few rupies) and how it had touched me deeply.  At that point I was so near tears, I asked brother Deenadayal to close us with a prayer. Then I went out to the car and got out the wheelchair and lifted her into it.  She had the biggest brightest smile I think I have ever seen!  I gave her a short ride and then showed her the features of the chair.

First Ride!

Afterwards, I told her that money had already been donated to get the doctor to prescribe the tests needed to determine what her disease is.

I also told her that I would make sure the money was available to get the tests done and if treatment was in order that I would see to it the money was raised.  She was ONE GREAT BIG SMILE the entire time!

We then ate lunch and prayed for her and her family.  I then sat down next to her and told her goodbye and that I would be praying that next year I could eat some food that she prepared with her own hands.

I cried for a while on the way back to Hyderabad.

Indrakala before she got sick. Please refer back to 10/31/12 blog entry for more information

Tonight, we went to a congregation here in Hyderabad that meets in a home.  I spoke on Naaman and how his story relates to us.  The points were that:  1. God is so powerful, He can make enemies into friends;  2.  a little child knew God and His prophet;  3.  “Behold I thought,” – we need to think less and listen to God more;
4.  we must complete the commands God has given us for His plan to work; 5.  the power was not in the water but in faithful obedience.

We ate dinner with the family of brother Joshua and then returned to the hotel.  I am getting ready for tomorrow’s departure.  It is a most bittersweet thing.


Marc Morris

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

This morning we went to the village of Bamla Nayak, Thandra. It is on the outskirts of
Tandoor. It is a Lombardi village – the women dress even more colorfully than other
Indian women with many bangles on their arms and legs. For those who may not
understand the caste system in India – Lombardi is a very low caste. There we spoke

Our new brother giving his confession of faith (11/17/12)

for about 30 minutes as many had come in from their field work and needed to return
to earn their daily wages. One man came from last night’s meeting and expressed his
desire to be baptized. We met at the same house where the 17 were baptized earlier
so the pool was still filled as we worshipped. We have another brother in Christ. Praise

We were in Kodamgal this afternoon. This is where Brother Joshua preaches. He was
in the first class we held in Jadcherla. He has four sons and two daughters. Hmmm,
sounds familiar! He also has one great-grandson. I’m not there, yet!

Brother Joshua’s wife had attempted teaching me some Telugu that first week in
Jadcherla. I was a poor student and could not remember things very well. It was
fun to return for a follow-up lesson. When she said “bugundia,” I immediately
answered “bungundanu.” This means, “Are you good?” and, “I am good.” She was
impressed! Maybe I will learn more Telugu before this life is over . . .

Tonight, we traveled to the village of Lymalli. We spoke to a group that met in a
courtyard. It was pleasant meeting under the stars, although it did get rather chilly. I
think this is the coolest night yet of our trip. It dipped the 50’s before we finished. I was
told later that several were thinking very seriously about obeying the Gospel.

As we begin to close this Gospel trip to India, I fervently pray that much good will
continue as a result of the efforts of the past month. Praise God for His fruits!


Marc Morris

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

This morning we awoke to news that two people from the village of Lymalli wished to be baptized.  We left early to meet them, but they were running late – and we had to press on to Hyderabad for morning services.  Later, we learned that they are husband and wife!

We met with the brethren at Film Nagar in Hyderabad.  Their building is marked the Mount of Olives church of Christ.  There were 20 or so in attendance.  This is a slum area literally next door to a high-wealth area where many movie stars have their mansions.  Hyderabad is the “Hollywood” of India.  It is quite a contrast – to say the least.  The wonderful news is that after the service, several stayed around visiting and talking.  Three decided to obey the Gospel – two women and one man.

This afternoon, I am back at the hotel where we began our journey.  I remember my first thoughts a month ago that this was not the “greatest” of hotels.  Boy, it seems like the Ritz Carlton this time around!  I guess it is a matter of perspective, but some of the areas were just not good.

I plan to do a bit of shopping, and as there is no evening service – return to the hotel.  We plan to eat at McDonalds tonight, but I understand they DO NOT serve beef . . . water buffalo it is.  I love the Indian food, and it has ALL been “chalabugundi” (very good), but I am longing for some American cuisine!  Even junk food would taste good right now!

Tomorrow, we buy a wheelchair for Indrakala, the sweet young lady from Bhootpoor, who recently contracted a crippling “unknown” disease.  Then, later that evening, I preach for the last time on this trip in another home.

Then, Tuesday, we do a little more shopping, and I meet up with Dad Humphries at the airport.  Our flights are confirmed, and I cannot wait to get back to those I love.  But, I also hate to leave these wonderful folks.  The Indian brethren certainly have done more for me than I feel I have done for them.


Marc Morris


P.S  Baptism count is at 104 as of this morning!!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

MORNING:   It is 10:47 a.m. local time, and this has started out as the best birthday I have ever had!  I was witness to 17 new brothers and sisters in Christ first thing this morning!  The preacher from Edulipalli contacted us this morning at the hotel that 15 people had thought all night and decided this morning to obey the Gospel.  We left the hotel immediately for a small home that had a water tank.  As we were finishing, two more from the village came on their own saying that they wished to be baptized, as well!

103 Baptisms since we first began this trip!

Then we traveled to a church that meets here at Tandoor in a home.  We spoke to them and returned to the hotel for some rest.  Then at about 7 p.m., we went to another house and met on the rooftop. It was rather cool up there!  Several of the locals appeared to be very cold, but it felt great to me!  After the service, they gave me a surprise party!  I had a wonderful time with my new friends and family in Christ.

I am back at the hotel now and getting ready for bed. It has truly been a blessed day!


Marc Morris

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Friday, November 16th

On my birthday (11/16/12), we baptized 17 of these precious souls pictured here. What a birthday present from God! Most importantly, THEY have the best gift . . . from God. These were folks from the village of Edulipalli, where we visited Thursday evening that THOUGHT ALL NIGHT to make the decision to follow Christ.

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